Build Your Business With Consumer Financing Options

Innovation Commercial Capital offers a wide range of consumer finance options to help you get your business off the ground and keep it running successfully. We assist businesses of all sizes in creating successful programs to help their customers gain credit card financing.

How It Helps Your Business

Consumer finance helps you build your business by building brand awareness, increasing your customer base and encouraging those customers to purchase your goods or services repeatedly. Providing your customers with credit card options increases customer loyalty.

Why We’re Right for You

Innovation Commercial Capital takes pride in offering quick decisions and strong credit limits, which makes you look even better to potential customers. In addition, we offer training for your credit card financing program and E-signature capabilities. Finally, should one of your customers fail to pay his or her bill, we handle any collection of bad debt.

Why We’re Right for Your Customers

Of course, to keep them interested, your customers must reap the benefits as well. Your customers will receive a revolving line of credit, which means that as soon as they make a payment, that money is available for them to use again. There are other benefits as well.

  • Easy applications with quick processing
  • Make large purchases and pay them off over time
  • Secure and dependable services

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