Equipment Financing Helps Your Business Continue to Thrive

Whether you run a restaurant or own an automotive shop, you need updated equipment to ensure you do your job well and keep your customers happy. Unfortunately, this can be quite expensive, something that is often a problem for small businesses. Innovation Commercial Capital helps your company thrive by providing equipment financing.

Equipment Financing

Reasons to Finance Your Equipment

Simply put, purchasing electronics, kitchen equipment or anything else required to run your business is expensive. In addition to initial costs, you also need to worry about maintenance, repairs, and upgrades over time. When you lease equipment, you reap the benefits.

  • Low, fixed monthly payments
  • Automatically upgraded equipment
  • Included maintenance and repairs
  • Frees up your cash for other business essentials

How It Works

Innovation Commercial Capital offers a variety of programs to help your company succeed. If your business is less than two years old, you qualify for our startup program. We also have a sale and leaseback program, which allows you to “sell” your equipment to us. Use the capital we provide you to perform renovations, advertise or handle your company’s other financial needs while paying small monthly payments to buy back your overtime. Finally, we offer programs for government and municipal entities. Allow us to help you ensure the success of your library, police or fire department, school, or state or federal agency. Those in the armed services also qualify.

We Work with Bad Credit

If your credit is less than desirable, don’t worry. We offer B, C, and D credit programs that help you to receive the equipment financing you need to keep your company up and running. This is an excellent choice if your personal credit score is not as high as you’d like it to be, but your company could use the extra financing to keep afloat. To learn more about our services, contact Innovation Commercial Capital.