Healthcare Financing Options to Meet Your Needs

Healthcare professionals understand the importance of adequate financing. Whether you’re a dentist, a general practitioner, a chiropractor, or even a veterinarian, patients depend on you for their well-being. Innovation Commercial Capital offers a full menu of healthcare financing options including practice acquisition loans, medical equipment financing, working capital loans, and debt consolidation loans.

Healthcare Financing

Practice Acquisitions

It is common for healthcare providers to grow their practices by buying out partners or through mergers with other practitioners. For qualified medical professionals, Innovation Commercial Capital offers one hundred percent financing.

Medical Equipment Leasing

We offer both leasing and loan options for procuring the medical equipment your practice requires. In addition, we offer several payment options, and we’ll even cover up to 50 percent of soft costs.

Working Capital

Working capital loans can be used for anything from business improvement to business expansion. Our working capital loans for healthcare and medical funding offer these benefits:

  • Up to 72-month terms
  • No loan reporting to personal credit bureaus
  • No upfront payments needed

Debt Consolidation

At Innovation Commercial Capital, we’ll help you consolidate your debt into one, low monthly payment with a fixed interest rate.

Whatever your healthcare financing needs, we can help. Just call 888-904-9411 for a loan application or for answers to any questions you may have.