What All Business Partners Need for Successful Collaboration

Some businesses are born when two ideas come together and prompt the formation of a partnership. Other times, business partners are added to an operation that lacks in its leadership certain beneficial attributes. Whatever the case, the decision to include one or more partners in your business is a big step. The addition of other shareholders changes the dynamics of how you will operate your business. Even when partners are more of the “silent” type, their mere existence will likely change the way you conduct yourself during your daily routine. You will normally start to feel accountable, and probably rightfully so, to the ones on which you have linked your financial future. Finding the right business partner, therefore, is paramount. The odds of finding partners that will help your business survive and grow is enhanced when you look for certain attributes in potential candidates.

Finding business partners with complementary skills to yours can help you advance your company. Some people make the mistake of finding a partner that is as close to themselves in every attribute as possible. Greatness can be fostered when different talents and viewpoints converge on solving a particular problem or focus on an idea. By knowing your own strengths and, especially, your weaknesses, you can effectively seek partners that excel in areas where you struggle. Finding the perfectly matched fit of pleasing personality and balancing skill set in a potential partner can be a challenge, but that is part of what makes business, and life for that matter, interesting.

Carefully check the financial backgrounds of any potential business partners. When you study a financial history of an individual, a pattern or image typically emerges. Either they show themselves to be upstanding, forthright and progressive in handling their finances; or, they do not manage money well. Make sure that you only consider individuals that have proven themselves to be not only honest but shrewd in business and the use of money. A good track record is one of the few ways you can know if a potential partner will be an asset or just all talk.

Finally, only select business partners whose level of commitment to the business matches your own. If an investor just wants to throw money your way and stay out of the business end of things, they still need to be sold out on the idea of the concept of the business to enhance any chance for success. In the same way, partners who will have a more active role in the company should typically demonstrate that they share the same vision as you. Learn to communicate clearly exactly what you intend your business to accomplish so you can better find the right candidates to help you.


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